My love for dance


I started taking ballet lessons when I was three. I started off with "bunny dance", which was all about just jumping around like a little bunny, and the lessons had lasted about 15 years, up to the point where I danced ”pas de deux” with professionals.

It's been a while since I had stopped pursuing my dream to become a professional dancer, but my love for dance has never deceased. It is not limited to just ballet. I love all kinds of dance. I may not be taking ballet lessons anymore, but I've been to many, many dance performances, and I am constantly dancing at home. I grab my not so great dance partner, also known as my husband and we dance to all kinds of music. Last week's song was upbeat tempo--"1999" by Prince and this week is slow dance--"Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley. When you dance, you don't have to be a good dancer. As long as you enjoy dancing.

At the dance class I took for my first time today, there were all kinds of people. There were Asian girls like myself, white girls, an Indian guy who could not dance so well, but trying so hard to master, which was so adorable, and ever so flaming black guy who could obviously dance his ass off as he was an instructor. Some of them were good, while others were not so. But it didn't matter. What we had in common was we all had so much fun.

Then, I just remember a guy I briefly dated told me once before.
"Religion & politics divide people, but music and dance always bring people together." Although the guy who told me this wasn't so attractive as far as personality-wise, but what he told me was the most beautiful quote that I probably won't ever forget....

And at the dance class, that was exactly what was happening. Music and dance brought all kinds of people together.

It was so beautiful.

(Photo: Nina Ananiashvli--an intoxicatingly beautiful ballerina who has always inspired me.)

by ayanewyork | 2008-03-11 12:57 | ひとりごと&未分類


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